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Shipment visibility: Real-time shipment visibility and status notifications for orders and assignment management

Shipment Tracking provides “Shipment Visibility" to sellers and share their sales order status with customers and internal users from shipment and delivery.

  • Tracking data from mobile to resolve delivery incidents faster

  • Offer post-purchase experience to drive customer experience

  • Get actionable insights into your post-purchase experience and shipping performance

  • Integration with 950+ global carriers


  • Seller team can attach shipping documents and customer purchase order, all of which get automatically converted into electronic documents

  • Integrations to 950+global carriers around the world, enables sellers to get real-time updates on shipment location from the carriers on the in-transit shipment

  • Shipment level tracking that may include single invoice or multiple invoices

  • Role based access for internal and external stakeholders. Security is enforced via attribute level access control on which team member can see and edit attributes

  • SMS, Email and WhatsApp notifications.- SMS e-mail automatic notification

  • Customers can receive WhatsApp or SMS for shipment updates and get unique tracking links that keeps them continuously updated

  • CSV based data upload to create shipment transactions in bulk

  • Setup is in minutes and easy to get your team on boarded


  • Elevate your customer experience by notifying customer’s real time

  • Visibility for your business customer improves their ability to plan for manufacturing, receiving and shipping activities dependent on it

  • Reduce your "where is my shipment" inquiries to zero calls, by keeping the customer constantly updated. Seller can define the various levels of order tracking that they would like to offer to their internal users and customers, such as "in-bound shipment received", "ready to ship", in-transit and delivered

  • Improved brand reputation, customer satisfaction and increased sales

  • Improve efficiency across internal teams by allowing collaboration around shipments - sales, customer success, finance, and logistics

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