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Totely is a multi-enterprise Digital Commerce Platform that simplifies B2B and B2C transaction collaboration.


The flexible transaction model enables manufacturers, suppliers & their B2B customers easily create, get notified and collaborate on inventory, sales, purchase orders, contracts and more.In addition, the platform enables businesses to easily create e-commerce storefronts for customer ordering and flexible fulfilment such as pick-up and delivery. It offers both a seller side transaction management app and a customer facing ordering app available on mobile and web.


Totely is a cloud native Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that allows businesses to get setup to transact in a self-service way.

Our commercial model is a fixed configuration fee and ongoing SaaS fees.

  • The Totely digital commerce platform is easy for businesses to get started to collaborate on the transactions that are important to them in just ONE app that make it easy for businesses to manage their supply chain and sales.

  • Second, businesses can create their own transactions that is important to them with fine grained status updates and custom status specific mutli-channel notification messages on status updates or reminders. For example, company can do contract, sales orders and inventory collaboration with its retailers, distributors and create an "asset maintenance" transaction to manage all the chillers in their retail network.

  • Third, Totely enables businesses to create eCommerce mobile storefront quickly so they can create an additional sales channel with their customers with pick-up and delivery fulfillment options.

  • Finally, it caters to both large and small businesses with fast deployment and relatively low pricing compared to enterprise software licensing

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