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Enterprise Solution

Go Digital App


Real time visibility and Status Updates for all stakeholders in Quote-to-Cash,
Procure-to-Pay, Inventory Management and other key business transactions

Business Partner Collaboration

ERP - SAP, Oracle, Navision, 
Dynamics, Access Excel


Sales Order



Request for Quote

Purchase Order

Goods Receipt

Invoice Payment

Information Exchange and Collaboration
Outside ERP Systems

ERP - SAP, Oracle, Navision, 
Dynamics, Access Excel

Sales, Finance, Customer Success, Shipping and Warehouse, Accounts Payable


Real-time, Seamless Data Sharing, Status Updates and notifications to all stakeholders through Mobile App

Sales, Finance, Customer Success, Shipping and Warehouse, Accounts Payable


Digital Transaction
Document Collaboration

Paper Documents

Manual effort, inefficient

  • Businesses still using manual effort of creating, printing or emailing documents

  • Follow-through on status, clarifications remains cumbersome

  • Volume and types of documents increasing

  • Audit and compliance challenges

PPT Go Digital - 01-06-2021.png

Improve Current Processes

Capture Sales Intent

Offline capture

Email to Ops team
requesting quote

Send Quote

Quote generated in ERP & sent to customer via PDF

Customer clarifications done
via email or call

Receive PO

Manual download and data entry of sales order into ERP

Confirm back sales order to customer

Ship Item

Warehouse receives ship order in response to sales order over email

Schedule carrier for pickup Airbill received as email

Update Ship Status

Customer notified over email of item ship

Customer service answers calls on order arrival from 
sales, customer

Send Invoice

Finance sends invoice to customer

Accounts Payable and Sales / Customer Success follow offline for payment

Totely Go Digital

PDF / Scan to Digital Conversion

WhatsApp, SMS, Email

Auto Generate Documents from CSV / Mobile app

Sales Contracts, Invoices, Purchase Orders etc

Trigger based stakeholder notifications

Role based access

Mobile Business Transaction Collaboration

  • Create custom digital transaction templates - invoices, purchase orders, sales contracts, reseller agreements, loyalty contracts, pro forma invoices, quotes, agreements etc

  • Create thousands of documents customized in seconds - Programmatic document creation from PDF or using parameters from csv file upload customized for each business partner

  • Share via SMS, Whatsapp and Email to business partners 

  • Track status change, send notifications to stakeholders, get auto third party updates

  • Collaborate on transaction terms. Minimize back and forth on email or phone

  • Seamless Quote to Cash, Procure to Pay

  • Track shipments real time

  • Get real-time supplier and distribution channel inventory updates 

  • Create customized documents in bulk and more…

  • Notify stakeholders, share via SMS, Whatsapp

  • Collaborate on transaction terms, minimize back and forth

Real time transaction collaboration
between business partners

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